“Stan Alexandrov is a versatile musician of wide talents and of high sensitivity of his audience. He sings 21st century music with the same confidence that he plays the piano in classical music. An excellent and popular performer with a good voice.”

Godfrey Barker (BBC Arts)


ゴッドフリ バーカー (英国放送協会、ロンドン)

“Thank you so much for your music so skillfully played in all styles + (and so far we were aware) no piece of music repeated during our voyage… I particularly appreciated your playing of Bach and the Mozart Sonatas.”

Richard Scott (former pianist)


リチャード スコット(前のピアニスト)

“Mr. Alexandrov is a very competent musician with a light touch that does not intrude into the ambiance of the surroundings. His choice of music is appropriate for the occasion,  i.e. light classical for afternoon tea to more jazzy items for after dinner. He is able to perform in variety of styles and is good at improvisation on those pieces that warrant a bit of variety.”

Richard Stringer (multi-instrumentalist)


リチャード ストリンガー (マルチプレヤー)

“During the last four weeks we have be entertained by Mr. Alexandrov at the piano and have been very favorably impressed by his wide ranging musical abilities.”

Mr. and Mrs. Terry and Linda Portus



Godfrey Barker (BBC Arts)
Richard Scott (former pianist)
Richard Stringer (multi-instrumentalist)
Terry and Linda Portus


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