ABOUT ME/ 自己紹介




I have been a Pianist and Lounge Entertainer, for over 15 years. Since 2003 I have been working mainly at restaurants in hotels, on ships etc as cocktail pianist, duo, trio with quartet playing dance music for guests / backing cabaret singers.
I can play a wide variety of music with a vast repertoire of 2500 songs starting from Classical Music, covering music from the 20’s to the current chart material, including  Jazz standards, Swing, Bossa Nova, Classic Pop tunes, Rock, Music from Movies, Spanish, French, Italian, German music, background music,  music for church service and sing a longs,  Japanese music which enables me to entertain all age groups and venues. I also have written arrangements for various small bands.
In the process of my education and experience as a teacher as well as performer I have participated in many recitals with my colleagues musicians ( classical, jazz, bossa nova, pop and rock performers ) – piano players, violin players, flute players, guitar players, singers.

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